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Acoustic Panels

It is a must to make appropriate acoustic arrangements in places such as cinema hall, theater hall, conference hall, sound recording studios, home theater, open offices, meeting rooms where sound quality is of great importance. In these places, the wall, ceiling and floor structures and dimensions, furnishing material, the windows and the in-room layout of this equipment are of great importance in terms of acoustics.

A sound wave emitted from the sound source strikes the objects of different materials and shapes in the room. In this phase, sound waves are absorbed in a certain extent within the body of the object to which they hit. The sound waves that cannot be absorbed will gain a new direction depending on the angle of impact and continue its path in the room with the energy remaining on it. It continues its journey in the same way on the other surfaces it encounters. At this time, the sound waves of different frequency and power emitted from the sound source also go on a similar journey in advance. As a result, if there is no proper acoustic structure, a confusion of sound waves occurs in the room. Therefore, the movement of sound waves in the room must be managed as if directed by an orchestra conductor.

Acoustic panels are the most important tools used to create the appropriate acoustic environment. According to the acoustic requirements, acoustic panels can be fabric acoustic panels, felt acoustic panels, sponge acoustic panels or wooden acoustic panels. Acoustic panels can be classified as absorber, absorber-reflective and reflective according to their acoustic functions. According to the acoustic architectural project, the required acoustic panels are mounted to the wall and / or ceiling horizontally, vertically or angularly.

The performance of the acoustic panel is improved by using high sound absorbing materials such as stone wool, acoustic sponge, acoustic fireproof sponge, and melamine sponge (basotect) under the coating material in fabric or felt acoustic panels. Acoustic fabric coating method can also be applied instead of fabric panel in cinema walls.

The main purpose of acoustic panels is to provide acoustic arrangement in the hall. It also provides partial sound insulation. If necessary, sound insulation can be increased with sound insulation. Since acoustic panels are the top application in the hall walls, it is also important for visuality. The desired appearance can also be achieved from the architectural point of view with the decorative acoustic panels in different materials, colors and patterns.

SMARTO is always ready to share its experience and possibilities with acoustic panels.

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