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What are Sound Insulation and Acoustic Implementation?

Noise, especially in areas where there is a lot of skewed urbanization, is one of the most important factors affecting human health and comfort negatively. Factories, airports, various purpose noisy announcements in the streets, traffic, discotheques & pubs, neighboring houses and etc. all these noises are perceived in different doses in daily life and are disturbing. Undesirable noise in these places that need sound insulation can make people more aggressive and cause psychological problems.

Sound insulation and acoustic implementation methods are mainly used in the fight against noise.

Sound insulation is the applications to protect the buildings and surrounding areas such as home, school and workplaces from harmful effects of noise. At the same time, sound insulation are implemented to places which require ideal environment with prevention of undesired noise transitions such as recording studios, cinemas, concert halls, libraries. It is also used to reduce the discomfort of the environment on the high level of noise emitting places such as generator, hydrophore, machine rooms.

Noise is the definition of undesirable sounds with different frequency components, often alternating over time, in an inappropriate structure. Sound insulation can be defined as the measures taken to minimize the damages on people and to prevent the negative effects on working environments caused by noise.


Especially in some areas such as libraries, offices, treatment centers, low noise level is a must. Not only radio broadcasting and music studios where the sound level should be low, but also hospitals and schools should also be free of noise. In order to provide a suitable environment in such places, fighting with noise comes first.

Noise reduces the efficiency of the employees, causing distraction and causing occupational accidents. At the same time, institutions suffer economic loss with the falling work efficiency. Similar effect is also observed in education. Students who are exposed to noise experience problems of concentration, lack of attention and cannot fully understand the given information. Consequently, in order to maintain the living activities in a healthy way, people should be free of noise by sound insulation.

The terms of “acoustic implementation” and “sound insulation” can be confused from time to time. Acoustic implementation is the name given to the regulation of sound reflections in closed areas. Sound insulation is the system to reduce the amount of undesired sound transitions. You can get rid of noise pollution and improve your quality of life with the acoustic and sound isolation applications carried out by experienced Smarto team.

Noise barriers, sound absorbing sponges, acoustic fabric panel applications, acoustic fabric coating methods over the rockwool or fireproof acoustic foam, acoustic wood panels, three-dimensional acoustic panels, decorative acoustic panels are the tools used for sound insulation and acoustic implementation in our projects.

Smarto, while designing the needs in accordance with sound insulation and acoustic requirements, at the same time, recommends designs which satisfies our customers visually and applies.


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