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In order to watch a movie in enjoyable and qualified feelings, acoustic structure, sound insulation, light level, angle of view, distance to the cinema screen, ventilation, sound and vision systems are very important factors. But, there is one additional factor that is at least as important as them; we call it “Cinema Seat”…

When you receive your cinema ticket, a cinema seat is assigned to you. Considering the average duration of a movie is about two hours, one of the most important factors for enjoying the movie during this time is unquestionably the quality of the cinema seat you are sitting on.

The ergonomic structure of the cinema seat is the most important feature in terms of satisfaction from that seat. Having a suitable structure for your back and waist is the most important feature for a comfortable cinema seat for long period use. The softness of the seat sponge is a complementary factor to have desired ergonomics. While determining the seat and backrest sponge density of the cinema seats, the comfort of the audience will be kept in the foreground. However, proper density of foam of cinema seats should also be kept in mind for the long service life of the cinema seat.

The structure of cinema seat armrests is important to provide to cinema viewers for the desired comfort use of their arms. The cinema seat armrests should be suitable for the placement of food and beverages such as soft drinks and popcorn while watching the film. Cinema armrests should be made of durable material, like the cinema seats and backrests.

The legs and chassis structures of the cinema seats are not of much concern to the cinema audience. However, the leg and chassis elements of the cinema seat are more important for the cinema operators than the other seat parts. Because, the cinema seat leg and chassis, which were made of metal material with suitable thickness and durability, will extend life of the cinema seat.

Standard cinema seats are made of immitation leather or fabric in different colors.

SMARTO, a specialist in the production of movie theaters, develops cinema seat models considering the above-mentioned cinema features. We wish all cinema lovers a good watch with the SMARTO cinema seat models…


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