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VIP Cinema Seats

Nowadays, moviegoers prefer VIP cinema seats to watch movies in a more comfortable environment. Movie theater operators have started to use VIP cinema seats more and more in cinema halls in order to provide their customers enjoy the pleasure of watching movies. Currently, VIP cinema seats are widely used not only in the cinema halls, but also in home theaters and in screening room projects. VIP cinema seats can be classified as reclining cinema seats and fixed cinema seats. And reclining cinema seats can be subclassed as electric motor driven cinema seat, mechanical action cinema seat and cinema seat moving with body weight.

In general, VIP cinema seats have a wide the seat. While designing different backrest models, comfort and ergonomic features are always prioritized. Comfortability while sitting long time and watching movies is a must for VIP cinema seats. The accessories added on the armrests with different widths and styles provide to the users utility and comfort for different needs. VIP cinema seats can have a wide variety of accessories. In this context; metal cup holder, heated / refrigerated cup holder, tray table, service desk, USP charging socket, light, opening / closing cabinet or other accessories that can be requested according to customers’ requirements.

It would be erroneous to think that VIP cinema seats are just for watching movies. VIP cinema seat can also be used for purposes like lazy boy type a rest chair, TV chair, book / newspaper reading chair and so on..

VIP cinema seats can be either fixed (non-reclining) seats or as a recliner seat with mechanical or electric motor.

As SMARTO, we maintain our claim to be sought as the high quality VIP seat manufacturing company in Turkey and abroad. When we receive the request for VIP seats, we offer our recommendations on projecting and layout to our customers. In accordance to our customers’ desire, we produce VIP seats with a wide range of products in different types and colors with genuine leather, artificial leather or fabric upholstery options.

The metal casing we use in the production of reclining cinema seats allows the moving mechanism to operate without any problems for many years. In addition, having a metal structure of the motor seat mechanism and armrest connections makes it possible to mount the armrests in a robust manner and ensure that our VIP seat models are durable.

Settlement is so important especially in home theater projects with narrow spaces. We create our layout offer in home theater projects according to the expectations of our customers. When we need to place more VIP cinema seats in a small space, we can provide more convenient and comfortable settlement by combining the seats side by side with the common armrest if necessary. Since the design and production are carried out by SMARTO’s own team, reclining cinema seat with electric motor, mechanical motion cinema seat or fixed VIP cinema seat layout planning allows meeting the customers’ expectations and satisfaction.

If you have any questions about the VIP cinema seat, please contact us from our web page.

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