Candy Cinema Seat

Candy Cinema Seat

Candy cinema seat with its stylish look can be used as vip cinema seat. It has an ergonomic design.

Candy model, with its stylish appearance and durability, creates a high customer satisfaction and is admitted as a prominent cinema hall seat. With its backrest lines and a stylish armrest structure, Candy is admired as an elegant model of a cinema seat. Its easy assembly structure reduces installation time and provides convenience for maintenance.

AutoCAD drawings of Candy model seats in architectural design phase are placed in the general layout. At this stage, our design team provides technical support to our customers on demand. At the installation phase, optimal placement of the seat assembly is done by our expert teams.

In the assembly stage, installation is completed in accordance with the architectural project by our expert installation team and delivered to our customers.

Candy model cinema seat has standard width axle dimensions of 60 cm. In accordance with our clients’ choice, it can be produced in alternative color, fabric type and details.

I has a single foot structure.

If you wish to receive information about Candy model cinema seat prices, you can contact us by using our contact page. Candy cinema seat models have a competitive price compared to the quality.

Candy seat has the features below:

–              Ignition resistant (widely known as fireproof fabric)

–              Stain repellent

–              Colored

–              3 mm foam laminated according to preferred option for our customers

–              100% polyester fabric. Immitation leather option is a good choice for this model.

The metal parts are made of solid and durable profiles and coated with electrostatic paint.

Seat plastic cover are manufactured with injection method.

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