Puzzle Decorative Acoustic Foam

Puzzle decorative acoustic foam; is a product consist of classic puzzle pieces and used for acoustic and decorative purposes for facilities for children such as kindergarten, elementary school, children’s theater etc. Alternative color options are available.

At the production phase of our decorative acoustic foam; in the first step acoustic foam is shaped in three dimensions and then colored with flocking method developed by SMARTO. Thereby, the acoustic properties of foam or sponge are preserved during color process.

SMARTO-owned utility model registration of this product has been certified by the Turkish Standards Institution (TSE).

Puzzle decorative acoustic foam is manufactured by flocking process on acoustic sponge or acoustic foam in various properties.

Our decorative acoustic foam products offer ideal acoustic and decorative solutions for home theaters, offices, executive meeting rooms, hotel lobbies, theaters, cinemas, cinema and theater foyers, bars, discotheques, restaurants etc.

Sound acoustics and sound insulation have great importance for both the halls with a large number of audience capacities and the facilities which require qualified audio environment like cinema, theater, TV studio, music studio, conference hall, seminar hall, and sports center and so on.

Acoustics are the applications which allow the sound to reach to our ears at the best quality.

How do we do sound insulation? Insulating materials such as acoustic foam, acoustic fabric, rock wool, acoustic panel, acoustic drywall, soundproofing foam, sound insulation foam, sound barrier, noise barrier, acoustic egg foam, pyramid foam etc. are used for sound insulation.

Our decorative acoustic foam products are mainly used for acoustic purposes. In addition, decorative acoustic foam provides partial performance to sound insulation as well. When used together with SMARTO Sound Barrier during the application, it would be able to achieve an effective sound insulation.

Puzzle decorative acoustic foam’s standard dimension; 48 x 28 cm. Thickness is 4  cm. Dimensions can be changed in accordance with customers’ requests and project.

There are two methods of application for our decorative acoustic foam products:

  • Implementation directly on clean drywall surfaces with special adhesive by SMARTO expert team,
  • Mounting of acoustic panels which were prepared at the SMARTO production facilities in advance.

Decorative acoustic foam and decorative acoustic panel prices are evaluated on the basis of projects. Material options (acoustic foam), decorative acoustic foam’s shape and project details are taken into account during pricing.

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