“SOFT” VIP Cinema Seat – Home Theater Seat

“SOFT” VIP Cinema Seat-Home Theater Seat

“SOFT” is our recommended model for our clients who are looking for comfort as first priority. “SOFT” is a suitable choice to be projected as VIP cinema seat, home theater seat, mini movie theater seat, screening room seat, luxurious auditorium seat, conference room seat, TV seat (Lazy boy) or similar purposes.

“SOFT” with its 65 – 75 cm. seating cushion width allows comfortable use. In accordance with our customers’ preference, armrests can be produced in different thickness and designs. This feature allows to the production of a seat which is compatible to the hall.

“SOFT” VIP Cinema Seat-Home Theater Seat can be used as a single seat or can be assembled sequentially in rows. It can also be produced as love-seat or double-seated.

“SOFT” Home Cinema Seat – VIP Cinema Seat has “Fixed” or “movable” options. Depending on customer preference, moving model choices are “mechanical” or “electric motor”.  In accordance with the mechanism / motor, the following parts can be movable:

  • Back
  • Seat
  • Footrest
  • Armrest
  • Tray table

Heater/cooler cup holder, Control panel, hostess call button or devices such as the iPad can be mounted on the armrest.

Seat upholstery options may be fabric, leatherette or genuine leather.

If you wish to receive information about “SOFT” VIP Cinema Seat-Home Theater Seat prices, you can contact us by using our contact page. “VIP” VIP Cinema Seat-Home Theater Seat models have a competitive price compared to the quality.

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