About Us

Cinema is our profession

SMARTO was founded as textile distribution and marketing company in 1993 by Zeki Gürsel Özbulak and Kemal İnanç.

Since 2005, an orientation has taken place towards cinema seat and wall coverings renovation/construction activities. In parallel, by participating in sound and acoustic insulation training activities, “visual” with “technical” terms has been reached in a position to offer ideal solutions. Today, SMARTO has become a recognized, reliable and preferred company across the country with its existing training and experience capacity.cinema-seat-acoustic-isolation-about-us

We are proud of the success we have achieved regarding cinema seating, acoustic solutions, non-flammable fabric coating, masking, led lighting and sound insulation applications in movie theaters. Similarly, we have also taken a prominent place on the applications for theaters, conference halls, home theaters, studios and cultural halls with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to our experience, our indispensable “quality consciousness” and “economic solutions” approach on marketing has provided us with the opportunity to build many nationally-known cinemas, theaters and conference halls all over the country.

The results of the work we have done so far raised our self-confidence to the top level. Our completed projects ensure our future success.  Thus, a growing demand throughout the country becomes a source of pride.

These developments encouraged us in expanding our business beyond Turkey’s borders to become an international company in this sector. In this context, we have been participating in the CineEurope Barcelona exhibition since 2014.  We are so happy with the great interest and admiration of our stand during these exhibitions. Returns opened new horizons to us to become a worldwide brand in this industry.

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